All Natural Goat Milk Soap!

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Keeping Baby Soft Skin

Baby Soft

Delicate skin deserves the best nature has to offer. All natural goat milk soap delivers!

Perfect for all skin types by gently cleaning and nurturing.

Did you know Sammy, our grandson, uses nothing but goat milk soap for his baby soft skin?

 natural goat milk soap

all natural goat milk soap

Does this sound familiar?

You step out of the shower, towel off, and pour copious amounts of the potions on your skin. But it never fails. Your skin feels tight. Flakes appear. And worse, the itch returns with revenge. So, you heave a sigh and cap the tube. You pitch it in the cabinet with dozens of half fulfilled promises for relief. You itch, even get welts. But the dry cracked bleeding skin emphasizes the misery of it all.

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    What if you could

    … comfort someone in anguish without using any words?

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to nurture them with a luxury gift avoiding worn-out cliches?

    Our all natural goat milk soap is designed for this exact purpose!

    Our Mission

    Nourish skin and nurture hearts

    Our Motto

    A gift of luxury, a gift of hope.

    Mission Accomplished!

    We accomplish our mission by returning the word “art” to artisan. Color, fragrance, and design meet in the soap vat to tell powerful triumph over trials stories. These stories center around our soap making metaphor.

    The Metaphor Explained

    Tragedy strikes leaving life a charred debris field of ashes & rubble. We think we have nothing left to offer, our life is in ruins. Consider this. Soap makers of old converted ashes into lye. Later they made it into soap, a valuable necessity. If soap makers can do this, imagine what the God of this universe can do with our brokenness!

    Soap requires the use of a caustic compound, lye. But when mixed with oils a metamorphosis occurs – a gentle soap forms. Trials are caustic like lye. However, God takes hardship & combines it with the oils of His mercy & grace. The result? A broken life is transformed into a beautiful testimony.

    Ashes to Beauty!

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