Legacy Explained: Sassy Lassy Soap

Soap making is both an art and science.   As an art form, the process contains a powerful metaphor for those suffering from hardships. As a result, the completed soap becomes a medium for sharing inspirational stories and even legacies.

Metaphor Explained

Soap makers use lye, a caustic substance.  Many artisans combine it with luxury oils.  The outcome is like a metamorphosis; a gentle, but luxurious spa quality soap.

Trials in life are a lot like lye.  They are caustic.  However, those trials combined with the oils of God’s mercy and grace produce a similar metamorphosis. We are transformed.  Our lives become a beautiful testimony.

Vickie’s Cancer Battle


My friend, Victoria Tudor, heard me describe this metaphor.  She always wanted to learn to make soap.  When we met, her cancer was in remission.  But, not for long.  We joined our creative energy one nippy day in March of 2017.

Vickie intentionally designed this soap to convey a message.  The colors and fragrance were carefully selected to underscore her message.

Purple represented her wish to be a warrior.  At the end of this battle, she would ultimately win.  She knew death did not mean failure.  To her, a woman of faith, it was a divine promotion.

Teal symbolized the color of her cancer ribbon.


Gold represented the presence of God in her trials.  She understood that God would never leave her or forsake her. 

Vickie used courage, humor, joy, and a smile to fight her crisis. She wrapped all this in faith and topped it with some sass.  The fragrance “Sassy” was the perfect scent for this custom bar. Vickie felt we should face trials with a spunky, bold, and spirited attitude.  She named the soap “Sassy Lassy”.

Vickie passed away September 30, 2017.  She never lived as though she was dying.  Every moment was an opportunity to joyfully live life to its fullest.  And, live she did! She wanted to share the soap with her friends and loved ones.  Vickie did not want them to think of her with pity but with joy and hope.

The video that follows pays tribute to Vickie.  Her family asked us to honor her legacy by offering Sassy Lassy as a permanent product in our store.  It has a powerful message of hope for anyone suffering from any kind of trial. These soaps are excellent for raising cancer awareness. They can also be used to raise funds for cancer treatment.  Contact us to find out how to order them at a bulk discounted rate.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. It gives me hope that I might someday be able to find beauty out of the trauma.

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