What is the Legacy Collection?

Unique Gifts

What if you could comfort someone in anguish without using any words? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to nurture them with a luxurious gift avoiding worn-out clichés? The Legacy collection exists for this very purpose.

The Legacy Collection is a line of soaps that tell inspirational stories. The colors, fragrance, and design are all symbolic in nature. Each soap in the collection comes with an insert describing the story behind the soap.  Hence, no words need to be spoken.  As a result, sharing encouragement just got easier!

Our goal is to not just nourish the skin, but also nurture the heart.  These designs allow you to comfort others in a unique way. The soaps are created around a powerful metaphor of triumph over trials.

What’s in the Legacy Collection?

1. Ashes to Beauty

Unique Gifts

Forged in the foundry of domestic violence, this soap is designed to comfort those in any type hardship with a metaphor of God’s transforming mercy and grace.

2. Sassy Lassy


Fashioned by a woman battling cancer, designed to tell her story of hope and courage.

3. The Bar of Many Colors

Unique Gifts Bar of Many Colors

Tells the Gospel story with colors; makes sharing your faith as easy as reading the tract inside.

The Inspiration for the Legacy Collection

As a victim of domestic violence, I am no stranger to anguish.  It was in that dark season of life that I learned to make soap.  At the same time, I discovered love of Nubian goats.  Soap making provided me with a marketable skill and individuality. But, it was a short-term fix.

Bad became worse as is often the case in domestic violence.  In the end, I extracted myself from that relationship, relocated, and began the long journey of healing.

It was there in the midst of grief that God showed me a powerful healing metaphor in the very process of soap making itself.

What is the Soap Making Metaphor?

Soap requires the use of a caustic compound: lye. But, when mixed with oils a metamorphosis occurs, a gentle and luxurious soap forms.

Domestic violence is caustic like lye. Yet, God took that hardship and combined it with the oils of His mercy and grace. The metamorphosis: a broken life transformed into a beautiful testimony.

My signature bar, Ashes to Beauty, shares the triumph over trials story through the colors, fragrance design and an insert included in the soap packaging.  While I discovered this insight in the context of domestic violence, it can be generalized to any form of suffering. Cancer, chronic disease, job loss, divorce, all feel caustic.  Yet, God adds the oils of His mercy and grace to transform us through those hardships into a beautiful testimony.

Unique Gifts Foster Heart To Heart Connections

Trials often leave the observer and the victim both overwhelmed.  But, sharing one another’s heartaches lightens the load. Enduring hardship together enriches the lives of both parties enhancing the bonds of connection.

Our handcrafted goat milk soaps make excellent multi-sensory practical gifts for friends or for yourself. The symbolism behind these unique gifts are sure to share bright hope in the midst of heartache.   They make perfect gifts for fundraisers too!  Check out our encouraging gifts now.

Give the gift of luxury … the gift of hope.

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