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Heartache is all around us.  You don’t have to search hard to find it.  For example,  it comes in the form of terminal cancer or unexpected job loss.  Perhaps it arrives with a knock at the door with a police officer delivering a notice of a divorce. You may wonder how to encourage those who suffer. Or maybe you need encouragement to survive your own hardships.

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When tragedy strikes, the results leave life looking like a charred debris field.  When a house burns to the ground, all that remains is ash and rubble.  There is nothing left.  Similarly, victims of heartache feel they have nothing left to offer in life.

Did you know homesteaders of old used ashes; a supposed waste product, to make lye, a requirement for soap making? If they can make something of value from waste material, imagine what God, the creator of the universe, can do with brokenness! When our lives are reduced to rubble, that is when His glory shines brightly as He rebuilds our lives.

My soap making journey began in one of the darkest times of my life. Indeed my life was like a charred debris field, the fiery consequence of domestic violence.  I felt like I had nothing left to offer.  But, God reached down into the rubble and rebuilt my broken life.

During my season of healing, God showed me a powerful metaphor in the very soap making process itself. This metaphor tells an inspiring story of triumph over trials. This metaphor became a gift to encourage others who suffer from heartache.

The Soap Making Metaphor Explained

Soap requires the use of lye, a caustic soda. But when mixed with oils a metamorphosis occurs, a gentle luxurious soap forms.

In the same way, trials are caustic like lye. But when hardship is mixed with the oils of God’s mercy and grace, our suffering is transformed into a testimony of courage, joy, and faith.

I witness this metaphor every time I make soap. Some of my soap designs tell specific stories of triumph over trials using colors and fragrances. Each soap in the Legacy Collection includes an insert explaining the story.  This makes  sharing hope simple and easy.

The Symbolism Behind Ashes to Beauty

Ashes to Beauty tells my story of triumph over trials. However, the story behind Ashes to Beauty doesn’t just apply to domestic violence.  It is relevant to anyone suffering hardship.

gifts that encourage

Ashes to Beauty: The Symbolism to Encourage

Ashes to Beauty Gold soap contains symbolism offering encouragement to anyone enduring challenging times.

Activated charcoal, the main ingredient and color in this soap, is a by-product of fire.  Not only does it serve as an amazing skin cleansing ingredient for soaps, but it is deeply symbolic.  Activated charcoal represents the charred debris field left behind by trials.

The gold mica stamp signifies an encounter with God during the dark night of the soul.  When we meet God in our tragic circumstances, He leaves an impression on us. We are forever changed.  He refines us and redefines our purpose through tragedy.  Often He gives us passion to comfort others who are also hurting.


Additionally, the gold mica swirls on the top of the soap represent the presence of God in our trials.  He never leaves or forsakes us.   Even when we are in too much pain to see His presence, He is still there.  Family and friends who support us through the hard times become the hands and feet of God.

gifts that encourage

The fragrance oil called Amazing Grace builds on the healing metaphor behind this soap. We only persevere in trials through the amazing grace of God.

Our goal is to encourage those who suffer through this design. We are delighted to offer the entire collection of Ashes To Beauty Gold-Amazing Grace.  This soap comes with an insert describing the story.  As a result, encouragement just got easier!

Our lotion offers a nurturing reminder to layer ourselves in God’s grace daily.  The bath bombs provide a time to soak in Amazing Grace as well.

Ashes to Beauty products Now Available

Ashes to Beauty – Amazing Grace is now available in our store.   If you or someone you love, needs a reminder to bathe in the grace that is so amazing, this bar is for you.  It is the perfect prescription for a weary soul.

Special note:  We carry two varieties of Ashes to Beauty.  One variety is scented with peppermint tea tree.  We designed it to cater to those who have sensitive skin and prefer herbal soaps.  The other variety, mentioned above, is scented with a phthalate free fragrance oil.  To learn more about phthalates click here.

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