Making Bath Bombs: How We Do It

Making bath bombs is simple and  systematic at Bright Hope Soap Works. We gather all the powders, oils, and begin mixing.  Soon fragrance fills the air.  Next, we portion off our mixture in various bowls.  Suddenly pressing begins. One sphere after another rests quietly on the tray.  In twenty-four hours the bath bombs hardens enough for us to package.

In a typical day, we make nearly 300 bath bombs.  While our operation is still small, it gives me great joy knowing something so simple I created is a tool for nurturing  many people.  Such a simple product but loaded with powerful perks.   We designed this product to nurture your skin by carefully selecting ingredients.  A combination of dead sea and Epsom salts add healthful minerals to the bath water.  Avocado oil, known as a spa quality oil, adds skin conditioning properties to your bath.

Enjoy this behind the scenes look at our bath bomb making process.

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