Share Hope: Five Simple Ways

Isn’t there more to life than this?

This question taunts you. You feel it with the day-in-day-out tedium.  If that is not mundane enough then you see one headline after another.  They read:




You turn to social media. The weight of what you see crushes your spirit.  You want to find hope.  Instead, you see political rancor, religious debates, and contention on every topic shared. 

You shrug your shoulders and join the throngs of people who conclude the world is a mess. You return to the daily grind purposing to survive.  Just get through this day.  But, the question continues to nag you.

Is there more to life than this?”

Yes, there is more to life than this. In a world full of chaos and heartache, you have the potential to make a difference. And, I know you want to seize that opportunity. 

Making a big impact is simple. Moreover, it does not require monthly fees or signing up for the latest humanitarian or compassion project.  But, it DOES require a daily commitment to live and breath kindness, to share hope and facilitate change by example.

Here are five simple ways to share hope today:

  1.  Make kindness a part of your daily self -care routine. 

Self-care implies isolating oneself, shutting out the world.  While it is important to have alone time, serving others enhances your own well- being.  Consider this statement by psychologist Marianna Pogosyan.

Moreover, because heightened levels of self-focused attention are common in depression,the more people helped others, the more their helping behavior predicted a reduction in their own depression, thanks to the use of reappraisal in their own daily lives. “

Marianna Pogosyan Ph.D.,In Helping Others, You Help Yourself“, Psychology Today, May 30, 2018

2.  Assess Your Talents.

Did you know that you are one-of-a- kind?  There is no one else like you.  As a result, you can bless others in a one-of-a-kind way.  God created you with a specific skill set and talents. Understanding your gifts will help you when it comes to serving others.  There a number of free resources to help you assess your talents online.

Getting a handle on your strengths and weaknesses can also help you know how to serve. 

 3.   Serve others through your vocation, career, or even hobby.

Many people under serve because they see the primary purpose of their vocation as earning a living. But “making” living is so much more than a pay check. To truly make a difference in the lives of others, you can give through your vocation or career.  As a matter of fact,  we were created to do good works.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”

Ephesians 2:10

Are you a singer? So sing to that one person.  Here is a touching example of someone who touched the life of another that brought big blessings.

Are you mechanic?  Fix a car for a single mom or elderly person. Or do regular maintenance for them like oil changes or tune ups.

Are you a hair dresser?  Make visits to a nursing home, homeless shelter, or women’s shelter and offer free haircuts.

Whatever your vocation or talent, you can find a way to touch lives and hearts through offering free services to those in need.

4.  Start your day with prayer. 

Making a difference in the lives of others takes the help of the Holy Spirit.  Specifically, we need to be in tune with the needs of others.  It is so easy to get bogged down with our own tasks. We miss the needs right before us.  As a result, start your day by praying that the Holy Spirit would open your eyes to those with needs and empower you to take action in serving. 

5. Serve those under your own roof or those closest to you.

Finally, start out your day by asking your family or loved ones what you can do to lighten their load.  And, do it.  We don’t have to search far and wide to  share hope.  In fact, start with those close to you.  Take it a step further by inviting them to join you in your mission to make an impact.  Then watch a ripple effect happen right before your eyes.

In conclusion, many times we resort to complaining about the culture and times we live in.  We don’t realize that change starts with us.  Small steps have a cumulative impact.  Simply, apply these five ways to share hope and watch the world transform right before your very eyes.

Bright Hope Soap Works was founded with the mission to nourish skin and nurture hearts.  The Legacy Collection is a group of soaps built around a metaphor of triumph over trials.  If you want to touch someone’s life with a well timed thoughtful gift, check out our shop.  Each soap in the collection comes with an insert describing the story behind the soap.  So, now it is easy to share hope.

If you have tips for sharing hope, be sure and share them below.  Hope thrives in communities.  Together we help each other make a difference as we share ideas.

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