Which Goat Milk Soap is the Best?

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The good news?

If you have tried high-quality handcrafted soap, no one needs to tell you the perks. You’ve already felt the impact of real soap on your skin.  Yes, it feels baby soft!

You are dying to know which goat milk soap is the best. Because, let’s face it. There are so many soap companies to choose from.

Real soap with glycerine still in it makes your skin feel amazing.  You like the confidence of buying soap made with wholesome ingredients. 

Mass produced versus handcrafted

The contrast of using store bought beauty bars versus handcrafted soap needs no explanation.  The dry itchy skin that follows use of store-bought bars made a believer out of you.  Now that you know what real soap feels like, there is no turning back.  Sure, you know artisan soap costs more.  But you realize there are hidden costs to industrially produced body bars.  Think – lotions, creams and Dr.’s potions to eliminate that strange rash. Not to mention, the host of dirty footprints left by industrial giants in the social, economic, environmental, and cultural arena.

But, which goat milk soap is the best?

On the other hand, perhaps you have tried handcrafted soaps and felt dissatisfied.  The quality wasn’t quite what you expected.  Perhaps, it turned to mush. Maybe it produced a slimy lather the consistency of egg whites or had no lather at all. Or, the soap smelled odd or had no smell at all. Still, you did notice some difference on your skin, but are searching for better. The question remains which goat milk soap is the best?

If you’re like me, you pride yourself in being an educated consumer.  You want the very best for your skin.  You want to make informed choices.  Knowing your options is important to you. 

So many choices

Let’s face it.  The handcrafted soap industry is growing.  As a result, there are no shortage of choices.  Everywhere you go, you see yet another soap company offering their product for sale.  How do you make an informed choice? How do you know which goat milk soap is the best?

I am here to share behind-the-scenes information with you, so that you can make the best choice possible when it comes to your skin. More importantly, I want you to know exactly what you get when you choose Bright Hope Soaps.

It’s important to

In short, it costs little to snag a recipe off the internet and make and sell soap.  Competition is high and sometimes fierce bordering on ugly.  However, that means consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing handcrafted soaps. 

choose bright hope soaps

But now let’s talk about the elephant in the room.  Experience, knowledge base, and skill sets vary from maker to maker.   Truly, not all soaps are made the same.  There is good, bad, and ugly in that statement.

First, the good. 

Not all soaps are made the same.  That is good because not all consumers are the same.  Some like animal fats in their soap.  Others do not.  Some are allergic to tree nuts, some are not.  Others can’t tolerate any fragrance.  Still, others will not buy it unless it has fragrance, claiming that essential oils do not last.  Because not all soaps are made the same, chances are good with so many handcrafted soaps available that you will find a soap to match your preferences.

Now, the bad and ugly, all in one. 

Due to soap makers’ inexperience, consumers can get poorly made soap, sometimes even products that cause adverse reactions.  Soap requires a carefully balanced formula to perform well. A recipe that contains too much oils will smell rancid. Soap that does not have enough oil will strip your skin drying it out. The type of oils used in the formula impact lather. For example, olive oil produces little lather. If not cured for the proper length of time, the lather resembles egg whites. Talk about slimy!

One way to screen for this is to chat with the maker.  Get to know them and their experience level.   Thankfully, many artisans love what they do and care about their customers.  They enjoy sharing their knowledge and improving their skill set.

I want to share

Please know I take quality control very seriously.  Indeed, I would love to claim my soap it the best soap on the market.  However, that would be unfair to you. 

Customers thrive with variety

First, I have already acknowledged customers have diverse preferences.  Remember some people like essential oils. Others like fragrances. And, a few customers are allergic to nuts.

To insist my soap is the best undermines the need for variety in the market place. It places you in a one-size-fits-all box. While I strive to know my customers, I can’t pretend to be a one-size-fits-all soap company.

Excellence = ongoing

Second, my products represent the pursuit of excellence. Still, excellence should never be a fixed point, but a process of constant growth and improvement. Truly, I put my best effort into each product I make.  But I strive to add more to my knowledge base thereby adjusting and improving along the way. Simply, I don’t want to ever stop learning and improving. My hope is that soap I made last week is even better than the soap I made three years ago.

Customers help me grow

Finally, I learn via my relationship with customers.  We are in this together.  Ultimately, I count on customers for their feedback for improvement of products and services.  Saying it is the best, implies there is no room for growth.  But there is always room for improvement.

Our guarantee

We believe in the handcrafted soap industry so much that we offer this guarantee. If you can not find a soap variety that meets your needs in our product line, we will help you find a company to serve you.

Bright Hope Soap Works

What do you get when you choose Bright Hope Soaps?

1) We come to the marketplace with 13 years of soap making experience.  In other words, we are not newbies.

2) Our soap formula has endured the test of time, providing joy to many customers over the years. 

3) We offer full strength goat milk soap, refusing to dilute our formula, despite increased production demands.  Our well balanced formula allows for the max amount of goat milk while still giving you a hard long-lasting bar. Simply, I don’t take the easy way out because it is more efficient. Why? We want you to have the maximum benefits of goat milk in your products.

4) Our soap formula creates a hard long lasting bar with creamy bubbles. Also, we chose high quality fragrances to ensure scent retention over time.

5) We truly listen to our customers. For instance, our original product line focused exclusively on essential oils for fragrance.  However, after listening to customer feedback and preferences, we expanded our offerings to include fragrances.  This move was not taken lightly.  Instead, it was backed by extensive research.  Finally, we carefully screen our fragrances making sure they are paraben and phthalate free. But there is more!

How we

Bright Hope Soap Works is not just another soap company.  True, we are a small company but we have a big mission. Indeed, we offer quality products to nourish the skin.  However, our mission includes nurturing the heart.  How can we nurture the heart through soap?  Simply, we return the word “art” to artisan.  Color, fragrance, and design meet in the soap vat to tell a timeless message of hope.  Each soap comes with an insert describing the symbolism behind its design. Our soaps all come with stories of triumph-over-trials. They serve as inspiration in a world so full of negativity. Sharing hope just got easier when you choose Bright Hope Soaps.

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  1. Thank you for all your help deciding which soap was best for our more sensitive skin family members. I am able to send them to wash up without concern of what they are putting on their skin. Thank you for not only caring for their skin but also caring about us as family. We appreciate all your time and sweet smiles at the farmers market.

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