The pandemic and safe service


Every headline. Let me say that again. Every headline displays the current crisis facing our country. Many business have already emailed me about the pandemic and safe service they offer. If you are like me, you are growing weary of the constant focus on this issue. While it is good to keep informed, I have found too much focus on this topic is a breeding ground for anxiety and despair.

To be honest, I’ve struggled to work on my business because:

1) I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate.

2) The sheer magnitude of it drained me and my motivation.

3) I have no idea how to navigate this crisis from a business perspective…no one does. This is uncharted territory.

4) I turned my full focus on preparing for the economic implications of this national crisis. Specifically, I began assessing the stock of canned foods in the pantry, ramped up cheese making, returned to bread making and more.

What to do with this crisis?

Putting my head down and continuing to work as normal or bulldozing through this crisis is not desirable. However, giving up is not an option either.

Still, I have lived through an all out collapse of my life as I knew it. I am applying some of the same skill sets developed during that time daily with good results. As time permits, I will share more about what worked during the biggest trial of my life and the same approach works today.

Our setting and the risks

With health on the forefront of everyone’s mind, I wanted to give you a sneak peak at the context in which our company operates. That is, see how the pandemic impacts us and our measures for safe service. If you have heard me speak, you know I say we are a small company in the middle of nowhere America’s heartland. The middle of nowhere is an accurate description as our farm is located in rural Vernon County. The nearest town is roughly 30 minutes away. The population of the nearby town is 8,149. To date, our county does not have any positive cases of the virus.

The rural context of our business places us at a low risk for exposure to the virus. Further, all of our inventory was created well before the virus was discovered. We remain open for online orders. Our turn-a-round is 24-48 hours. Because we are in a rural setting with minimal need for off-farm interactions, we are confident we can continue serving our online customers with little or no risk.

Our local customers may also place orders. We will contact you with delivery locations.

If you are wondering what soap is the best to use, please check out this informative article.

Thank you so much for your support of our small business with a big mission.

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