2021, I’ve Had Enough Already!

Just take a look at this! Yummy, right? But please don’t eat it. This delectable creation is for skin pampering sessions. And, who doesn’t need pampered these days?

Enough Already!

If you are like me, you have had enough of 2021 already. I mean, come on. 2020 was challenging all by itself. We are only 18 days into the New Year and the world appears to be falling apart at the seams.

How on earth can we survive yet another year of crazy? Here is what we are doing on the farm to keep HOPE as our banner.

Tune Out the Crazy!

I have turned off social media, stepped away from the news, and embraced the work of my hands and the simple joys. The body butter pictured above is an example of my activity in the last 18 days. I can’t whip society into shape. But I sure can whip body butter.

Stay Productive!

Running my own business in the context of rural living gives me plenty of work to do. Completing the work right in front of me keeps me joyfully productive. And, did I mention I get to test out these new creations?

I have spent some time in the tub testing out this new shave soap. Oh, the luxury of it all! It truly transports me away from the crisis brewing around us.

Building a business around the mission of hope packs a powerful punch in the war against despair. We developed the Box of Comfort for friends who were suffering through the holiday season. It was so fun to deliver these boxes in our local community!

Share Kindness!

We will make it available in our shop after we finish adding a few more creations.

Join us in our quest to share hope in 2021. The world desperately needs kindness. Start by stepping away from the toxic sources of doom. Complete the simple tasks in front of you keeping productive. Next, share joy through random acts of kindness.

Our customers have done just that by sharing Vickie’s Happy Box with those in need across the nation. This box comes with Vickie’s inspirational story of sharing joy in the trenches of trials.

Taking proactive steps in these crisis times makes a difference not only for you but those who encounter you. Together let’s press forward in 2021 with hope!

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