Goodbye Facebook, Hello Blog!


Yes, that is right! Goodbye Facebook. We are leaving social media. It is a move long overdue, one I spoke about often. Still, I never took action.

Downside of Social Media

2020 gave us a crystal clear view of the downside of social media. You could say our view was 20/20. My trigger finger itched to deactivate our account. Still, I didn’t pull the plug. The tentacles of Zuck went deep beyond the skin surface in our lives.

Benefits of Social Media

Facebook allowed us to keep in touch with friends and family at home and abroad. Rather than pick up the phone, I could catch up with a few clicks, a swipe, and endless scrolling. Beyond that, my businesses rely on social media for word of mouth/organic advertising. According to top marketers, a business without a Facebook page is dead. These factors make it powerfully hard to walk away.

Facebook Changed

2021 brought more of the same challenges on Facebook but with darker more troubling overtones. The platform revealed its true colors values and agenda. Those values directly conflict with our family and business values. It became harder to justify using a platform bent on the destruction of principles I cherish.

Scrolling through Facebook proves challenging when it comes to applying Philippians 4:8.

Many posts contain negativity, anxiety, and drama. If that is not enough, Facebook places banners throughout the feed updating you on sociopolitical issues with no option to limit this feature. Gone are the days of simple virtual socializing. Ads and political agendas hammer you every few posts forcing even a square peg into a round hole.

Guarding our hearts and minds is important in peaceful times. But it is critical, if not urgent, in times of national and personal crisis. Maintaining joy and peace starts with inputs (garbage in/garbage out).

Hence, we have decided to move off that platform in favor of regular blog updates. Goodbye Facebook! We intend to designate a section of this website to daily musings. These posts will parallel much of what we post on our personal Facebook page.

We aim to make this an encouraging place where readers feel comfortable to share their journey (goodness in/goodness out). Hopefully we can encourage one another through these tumultuous times.

Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter or share our posts. We modified our newsletter to allow subscribers to get our blog updates on a weekly basis in a digest form. Please also share our posts with your friends. Get the word out that there is hope even in the middle of darkness!

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    1. Hi Sandra! So great to see you here. The only downside is keeping up with everyone if they don’t have a blog. I love seeing all the fun you have with your grands. For now, I treasure the joy we share and want to be careful not to get sucked into negativity or anxiety. Hope all is well your way. Bet your neighborhood is feeling the Chiefs excitement about now.

  1. Good on you! I will say that I missed the updates on the kids (the goat type), your kid’s and your kid’s kid (of the human variety). It was nice to see a recent post of your grandbaby. Personally, I found that I could ‘check in’ with friends on Facebook, just say hi or send birthday wishes, and then leave. I learned how to swipe up very fast to avoid rhetoric, political posts and negativity. I didn’t miss seeing the news. Sometimes my husband would mention something big in the news, and I had no idea what he was talking about. I do not mind being out of touch with the media’s news, but would like to keep in touch via your blog.

    God bless and best wishes to you and your family.

    1. Hi Laurie,
      Thanks for sharing how you navigate the sea of negativity. I used much of the same approach over the last 12 years. I would unfollow those who chronically posted on challenging topics. However, the feed became inundated in 2020. I am working behind the scenes on scheduled posts that cover the topics you mention here. We are close to starting the 2021 kidding season. I can’t wait to share our new fur babies. Stay tuned for the good stuff. Look forward to keeping in touch!

    1. Hi Regina! Thanks for stopping by. I am delighted to have you here. This is a reminder for me to check in and see how that salve is working. I will send you an email shortly.

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