Kindness: A Game Changer


My head hung low as I approached the double doors.  Admittedly, I felt a weight on my shoulders and an excruciating pain in my back.

Sickness visited me shortly after Christmas.  This uninvited guest won’t leave sapping all my energy and taking all my time.  Now the wait.  Medical tests never move quickly. 

Leaving the farm proves draining of what little energy I have. Still, I had to travel for medical testing.  So, I stopped into the store for a few essentials.

Facing the public under these circumstances is trying.  I tucked away the pain, plastered a look of civility on my face, grabbed a cart, and began winding my way through the store.

Random Kindness # 1

It was there in the middle of an aisle that an elderly man caught my eye.  He stopped and addressed me.

Man:  I have a question for you.

Me:  Yes, sir.  How can I help you?

Man:  How is your memory?

Me:  Not so good these days but I manage.

Man:  What did you forget before walking into Walmart today?

Me:  *searching for an answer to what felt like a trick question*  I don’t really know.

Man:  Well, how do you expect me to know if you can’t even remember.

He gave a hearty laugh.

Man: Now you can say you were picked on.  Have a wonderful day.

I walked away laughing. I did not know this man. His ornery banter made my day.  Clearly, he lived joyfully and loved engaging with people despite the pandemic that causes us to socially disengage distance.


Random Kindness #2

After checking out, I made my way toward the exit.  Two twenty somethings were having a grand time chattering on their way out the store.  They were having so much fun.  It made me wonder about their secret to joy.  I placed my groceries in the car and began wheeling my cart to the racks.  One of the twenty somethings appeared motioning for my cart.

“Let me take it for you.  Have a good day.”

The burden I felt at the beginning of this trip began to melt away.  I realized kindness and joy still exist in a world riddled with such turmoil.  The laughter evoked by the elderly gentleman shifted focus away from my physical pain.  The same thing happened when the girl put my cart away for me. 

These are simple random acts of kindness. They cost nothing.  But the dividends are priceless.  My sense of well being improved as I realized the world is not all doom, gloom, and despair.  Imagine the impact if we all purposed to show kindness in a random fashion.   I don’t know about you. But I learned so much of what is going on in the world is out of my control.  Yet, I have 100 percent control over kindness expressed. 

Have you been a recipient of a random act of kindness?  I would love to hear your story.  Are you looking for ideas on how to bless others with simple kindness?  Take a look at this website.

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