Kidding Season Begins -2021

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And just like that kidding season began. I wandered out to the barn to check on Bridget, our purebred Nubian goat. Her due date is February 12. She was huge and acting off according to my son. We all suspected she was carrying triplets. And we were right!!!

Two bucklings and one doeling.

I found them 20 minutes after they were born. Sadly, they got a little too cold. We brought them into the farm house. After a nice warm bath they perked up. If another 20 minutes had passed we might have lost a baby.

We carry registration papers on both the sire and dam. As a result, all three of these babies will have registration papers. Our long term goal to have a herd of registered Nubian goats is now closer to reality. We plan to advertise the boys for sale as soon as possible. They will make fantastic sires with great milk lines.

But enough of that. Let’s enjoy some pictures, shall we?

Our registered doeling. We still need to name her.

We will be keeping this little cutie. She will take her place in our herd next to her sister and mother. I am so thankful to have a registerable doe to starting out this kidding season.

Snuggle time

We have just a few hours to take pictures as the babies become quite active.

Being born in the cold is hard work. This little guy enjoys the comfort of the warm farm house. He had a nice warm bath. Finally, we blow dried him off to keep him warm and cozy.

Hope you enjoyed seeing our first kids of the season. Tiny critters always bring such warmth to cold winter days. Secretly I have plotted to make one of our goats a therapy goat. They are that important to us. I can’t wait to see them prance around. Nine more does are due to kid this season.

What do we plan to do with all the milk?

1) We have a number of customers eager to get fresh milk once again.

2) I see more soap making in my future.

3) Ah, yes. I must make cheese.

We are looking for inspiration on names. We need a theme for this kidding season and name suggestions. The human kids talked about a coffee theme. I am not so sure there are enough names in the coffee theme. However, Drip would be a perfect name for one of these puddle makers. Drop your theme and name suggestions in the comment box below.

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  1. Winken, Blinken & Nod came to my mind!! (Don’t even know if that’s how they’re spelled!)
    what about using the 12 tribes of Israel for themed names!?
    They sure are cute! Good luck & GOD bless!!

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