Why is Goat Milk Soap’s Popularity Increasing?

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Why is goat milk soap’s popularity on the rise?

It started because of a rash outbreak of …

 Wait a minute! Rash outbreak of what, you say?

Could it be those behind this trend fell in love with this?

Goat Milk Soap's Popularity

 And this …

Goat Milk Soap's Popularity

Which led to this …

Goat  Milk Soap's Popularity

Yes, one goat leads to another goat. Before you know it, the finances dictate that these little cuties must pay for themselves. To be honest, this happened to me in our household. 

“They must earn their keep,” my husband said.  

Hence, we have thousands of bars of goat milk soap.  Gotta keep him convinced we need oodles and gobs of, hundreds, thousands, several goats, for the business, of course!

But baby goat addiction is NOT the reason for the soaring popularity of goat milk soap.  

It literally is a rash outbreak.   One that looks like this: 

Yes, that’s right.  The main reason for goat milk soap’s popularity is because it calms angry, irritated, and dry skin. With skin conditions on the rise, goat milk soap is highly sought after. Further, it lathers well making a fun shower experience. Artisans like me add color, swirls, and spellbinding fragrance for the ultimate act of self indulgence. The next thing you know, family members beat on the bathroom door protesting, “You’re taking all the hot water, again!”

Goat’s milk soap is not new.  It has been used worldwide for thousands of years.  But recent popularity means widespread availability.  Attend any local Farmer’s Market or Craft Fair and you are sure to find goat milk soap there.

This delightful bar that fits in the palm of your hand offers so much more than a luxurious pamper-me session.  

It’s rich in vitamins

Vitamin A, niacin, thiamine, and B6 all show up in this mineral rich bar. But that’s not all. 

Hydrates skin

Goat milk contains lactic acid which increases ceramicides.  Medical publications show this helps with improving skin hydration.

Perfect for acne prone and even mature  skin

 Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that goat milk has a significant amount of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs).  AHAs are perfect for those who are fighting acne. Recent studies show AHAs also benefit mature skin. Actually, it is good for all skin types. You don’t have to have a skin condition to benefit from the use of goat milk soap.

It’s a gentle balancing cleanser

Goat milk soap’s pH matches the pH of our skin.  Meaning it does not disturb the microbiome of our skin.  When the skin’s acid mantle is disrupted, which often happens using detergent bars, inflammation sets in. 

It’s mind blowing to outline the benefits of this power packed bar of sudsy goodness. But there’s one last thing.  When you buy goat milk soap, you keep farm families healthy …

… and marriages strong. When the girls earn their keep, I no longer have to be creative as I add yet another goat to the herd!

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