How to Destroy Viruses with Soap

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The chaos started in 2020. It still continues.  The dreaded mantra began, designed to entice the nation into a battle.  Everywhere we looked we saw these three words:

Flatten the curve!

Our world as we knew it changed.  It has never returned to its former state.  “This is the new normal,” they say. And that includes one variant after another.  Still we march on trying to flatten that elusive curve. 

Did you know our goats help flatten the curve?  Yes, really! Today you will learn how these humble creatures play a vital role in this national campaign.

Silly goats.  That is not what I mean by flattening the curve.  Pardon my playful friends.  Their role is not all fun and games. My caprine co-workers contribute in a serious way. And that is something worth bouncing about.

In fact, my goats are superheroes in this pandemic.  Meet Captain America, our herd sire!

Destroy Viruses with Soap
Captain as a young buck. He is now much bigger, stinkier, and uglier.

Captain gave his super powers to his daughters. His excellent genetics ensure his progeny give a lot of high quality milk. So what does that have to do with viruses? Actually, a lot. But first let’s take a moment to enjoy these superheroes in action.

This video will begin to connect the dots. Wait for it at the end! It reveals how goats play a vital role in the age of pandemics.

Benefits of Goat Milk Soap During the Pandemic

Did you catch that? Happy goats make quality soap. And, soap is the star of our show when it comes to battling the virus.

Hand Sanitizer Not a Good Option

When the pandemic first hit, people panicked!  Hand sanitizer was the number one go-to leading to shortages of the nauseating  gel.  Those shortages led to price gouging.  Everyone wanted hand sanitizer.

Hand Sanitizers Recalled

If they only knew, hand sanitizer was not a good option.  In fact, it was down right dangerous. The FDA’s Recall List continues well into 2021. 

Slathering on this gooey gel did nothing to help. It added toxic chemicals to our bodies and dried out our hands. In the end, we learned it is not that effective either. Panic and hysteria nearly drowned out the simple advice from the CDC. 

The CDC Says it is Important to Destroy Viruses with Soap

To prevent the spread of germs during the COVID-19 pandemic, you should also wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds …

This is where our superheros come in.  Twenty twenty caused us to be hyper focused on handwashing.  Dry and cracked hands soon followed because commercial soap along with hand sanitizers took their toll.  Goat milk soap has soared in popularity because it is ultra moisturizing.  But that is not all. 

Destroy Viruses with Soap

Soap obliterates the virus.  This informative article from the Vox shows the science behind this statement.    You can also get the same valuable information from this video:

The Vox states any ole soap will do. And, we emphatically disagree. You must know that liquid soaps tend to be more drying. Furthermore, the FDA states “Today there are very few true soaps on the market. Most body cleansers, both liquid and solid, are actually synthetic detergent products.” Washing your hands constantly with synthetic detergent products leads to skin irritation. In fact, cracked skin increases your risk for infection.

The ability to destroy viruses with soap becomes more tolerable with goat milk soap. It is well known for its many benefits. It is packed with vitamins and minerals. Finally, artisans like me add color, swirls, and spellbinding fragrance for the ultimate act of self indulgence. Handwashing and bathing become a fun experience. Who doesn’t need to have fun in this day and age?

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  1. Wonderful article! Hopefully it will help someone to understand why they need to take care and protect the largest organ in the body, your skin! We abuse it daily, but along with the goats, (and the soap artisan) it is our superhero. Let the fun with wonderful moisturing soaps begin! Thank you Christina!

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