Creative ways this boy mom survives dirt and beards

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Beards.  We have a lot of them on this little farm. As a goat farmer, we have more than our fair share of beards.



Yes, tis’ true even a few of the milking does grow beards.

Goat beards as trend setters

Wanna know a secret?  Goats are trend setters when it comes to beards?  Don’t believe me.  Check out this side-by-side comparison. The resemblance is striking don’cha think?

I think the man’s surly disposition is because my caprine friend sports a better beard. But, I digress from the true focus of today’s article.

Boys, beards, and dirt!

As a mamma of four boys, now grown men, I have watched a transformation. 

The adage that boys don’t see dirt the same way as girls was proven true on this farm. My boys purposed to become one with the dirt. Sometimes I didn’t know where the dirt ended and where the boy began.  They were so unified.  I have cleaned up countless muddy prints over the years. Don’t believe me?  Have a look at these pictures.

Fast forward a few years. Baby faces became fur faces. And fur faces morphed into grizzle for some of my boys. New seasons bring new challenges. Hairy men required a new and multifaceted strategy regarding cleanliness.

Surely, you understand why I started a soap company. Each stage of human development sent me deeper into product development determined to keep them looking civilized.  At times, I wanted to toss up my hands. Still,  I would not be outdone. 

Beards at Bright Hope Soaps

My man cubs are all over the map when it comes to dealing with facial hair.  Some grow beards instantly. One will grow and grow for weeks on end. The result is fuzz. Another will grow but get patchy results.  He succumbs to what I coined a “shaving sigh”. That is, he heaves heavy sighs that can be heard throughout the farmhouse as he shaves. Mainly because he longs for a real beard but gets poor results. So, some shave and some wear a lot of facial hair. And for that one unnamed son, he does it all in one week or less.  He suffers from insta-beard syndrome. It’s like he uses miracle grow for beards. 

The men folk at Bright Hope Soaps.

Products for men with facial hair or without

As a result, it only made sense to team up with the bearded ladies to offer my crew skin loving, hair nourishing options.  After much testing and formulating, we now offer goat milk shave soap in the shop. Our shave soap is specially formulated for a superior wet shave experience.

For those who think November has 365 days (No-Shave November) and want to tame the mane, we offer beard oil and beard balms

Finally, if you work hard and get ultra-dirty, we now have a working hands soap called MO-Chanic Show Me Clean Soap.  It contains ground pumice along with activated charcoal for extra cleaning power.  This soap was designed by our mechanic in the family to cut the toughest of grease.

Lastly, I had to up the ante since we now have two grandsons running around the farm.  There is sure to be more dirt unification sessions! Sammy has already started smearing carrots all over himself. Dirt is next, I am sure.

No worries. I am prepared.

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