My Business Partner: A Spotlight

Ah … February, a month devoted to all things romance.

It only seemed fitting that my precious husband and business partner was born just a few days after Valentine’s Day. As a result, February is super special to us. For instance, we celebrate our love. And, we celebrate his life. I posted the following tribute on social media several years ago. In addition, I am sharing the tribute here. It is a small slice of our love story. Enjoy!

Our Backstory

I believe in the sovereignty of God. God willed for me to start my life in a family filled with abuse. My journey of heartache would continue on for 39 years and included domestic violence. My painful life started in 1969.

However, eight years before I was born, God began Jon’s journey.

He was gifted into a family as an almost Valentine. God placed Jon in a family so very opposite of mine. It was a home full of love, not just familial love but a home devoted to loving Jesus. As a result, he had the most joy filled childhood a person could ask for.

His Suffering

Despite having a wonderful childhood, Jon would endure his own anguish. His faith never wavered as he dealt with his own hardship. He continued to serve the Lord in every way imaginable in the midst of his suffering.

His Faith

I met Jon during the season of his suffering, as it was about to come to a close. He stood in my dairy barn at the edge of a tiny village in Missouri telling my customers and neighbors about Christ. The barn was a gathering place for many to socialize. But Jon didn’t just tell them about Jesus. He took three different people to church when I first got to really know him.

His Service

One day he drove past my house in town and saw me attempting to put my very sick neighbor in my car. I was taking him to the hospital. He stopped to help. He assessed the situation and decided an ambulance was needed. I rode with my neighbor’s wife and Jon to the hospital and watched Jon serve this hurting family with compassion and prayer. I could not help but fall head over heels in love with this man who was so deeply in love with God. That day I purposed to get to know Jon better and understand how he could serve God with such devotion.

Two Become One and My Business Partner

Little did I know back than that our lives would become one.

That was the first of many times I would go with Jon to the hospital. We made many trips to serve others in the heart of the tropics as a missionary couple. My life with Jon has been full of love and joy. There is not a day that goes by without him telling me I am his treasure. He tells me this and means it even after he has seen me at my worst. He is my greatest support and also a devoted business partner.

A Love Inspired Transformation

The impact of his love for me has transformed my life. Jon daily reflects the love that Christ has for me in our marriage. I am so blessed that God brought him into this world and gave him a context to learn to love the way he does. And, yes. I am thankful that God blessed the broken road that led him straight to me.

business partner

God willed for me to suffer but before I was even born, He started the life that would be a part of my redemption. What an awesome God we serve!!

This is Jon’s Birthday month. We are celebrating creatively this year since he is wearing his CPA hat and in the middle of tax season. But celebrate we will. Jon’s presence in my life emphasizes God’s presence in my life. I love that about our marriage.

Jon has been a huge asset when it comes to Bright Hope Soaps. He uses his gifts as a CPA to help me keep our business running proficiently. Further, Jon often assists our wholesale and private label clients in setting up their accounts and fulfilling reoccurring orders.

Join me in celebrating the birthday of this incredible man.

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