Tired and Worn Out? Why it is Critical to Recharge Your Battery Now!

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You’re exhausted. Each day is packed full of taking care of everyone else but yourself. You know you need a break. But how can you recharge your battery with severe limitations on your time? The demands far exceed the hours you have in a day.

You just don’t have time. Worse, you’re not sure you can even make time. So, you give up and keep pushing yourself to the limits.

What could possibly go wrong? You know the answer to this question. But survival is a must.

There is a clock hanging in my living room. The gold pendulum rhythmically swings back and forth.  Every hour on the hour, it sends out a cheery melody throughout the farmhouse.  

This clock belonged to my late cousin, Earl.  He died unexpectedly a week before Christmas.  I inherited the clock because no one else liked the sound it made.

In the months following, I, too, found myself annoyed with the chime.  What started out as a bitter sweet reminder of my late cousin soon began to irritate me.  What changed?

Finally, I understood. I asked my children if they understood the difference. They shrugged unsure what to make of it.  But in a few more days everyone knew the answer.

The chime now sounded like a badly out of tune piano.  Simply, it was running out of batteries.  It sounded terrible and grew worse each passing day.

Someone misplaced our batteries so we could not fix the clock.  Everyone in the family endured the draggy obnoxious melody for several days. After what seemed like an eternity, we found the batteries. The clock returned to a bright and cheerful chime.

This clock reminded me how we behave when our own batteries run low.  We become draggy, whiny, and odd sounds come out of us.  Perhaps, we resort to complaining.

Taking time out to recharge your batteries now is important if you want to share joy around you.  It is critical to refresh sooner rather than later.

If you’re anything like me, you’re busy taking care of everyone else.  It takes too much effort to engage in self-care.  But you know it’s true.  If you don’t make time, you will soon sound worse than my noisy clock.  

How do you fit time into an already jam-packed schedule?  The key is to optimize the time you have before you.  Specifically, look at rituals you already have and streamline them into acts of self-care.  

Here are some quick ways to add self-care into an already jam packed schedule.  

Schedule time to recharge your battery:  

Chose one or two items of self-care. Set them in motion as a fixed appointment. Make them non-negotiable and go from there. Keep in mind it does take time to make the most of your time. Specifically, you can give more when take care of yourself first. You get more mileage out of the time allotted for an activity because you are fresh and energized. For example, you will find exercise and quiet time on my schedule in the non-negotiable category. On occasion, I may have to miss a few of these appointments. But they resurface at the top even if there is disruption.

Optimize acts of self-care: 

  • Incorporate encouraging music or inspiring podcasts into your existing workout routine.   
  • Add your favorite coffee or an herbal refreshing tea to your quiet time. Place shot a flavored syrup or a sprig of fresh herbs to make a meaningful treat.
  • Add a luxury handcrafted soap to your daily bathing routine.  Find a fragrance and design that delights you.
  • Go a step further and schedule a once per week luxury bath soak.  You can use a bath caddy that will hold a candle, plant and book to enhance that time. 

Shift your mindset:

Many times, we get so busy. We think recharging our own batteries or acts of self-care are selfish.  Remember you can’t pour from an empty cup.  

My cousin’s clock is an important reminder of what happens when we don’t take time out to refresh our batteries. To be all you are created to be, you must take time out and recharge those batteries. 

Do you know someone who works hard and skips self-care? Share the gifts of self-love. Give them a copy of this post. Go a step further. Get them a gift set from our store.

What is your favorite way to recharge your batteries? I would love to hear from you. I am sure you can guess mine. Here’s a hint just in case.

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  1. Wonderful reminder. Sitting out on a lake enjoying the coming of spring and reflecting on the past year is another way for me to recharge. It doesn’t hurt to have a fishing pole in your hand either! Happy Spring to all!

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