How to make a powerful statement with your hard-earned money

Did you know you make a powerful statement every time you spend your hard-earned money?  Specifically, you cast a vote with your dollars.  You’re voting to affirm the mission and values of that business.

make a powerful statement

I know what you’re thinking.  Voting doesn’t really make a difference.  After the last election, both sides walked away scratching their heads.  It equaled a fiasco for sure.  

Voting with your dollars makes a powerful statement

However, voting with your dollar does make a difference.   It’s more powerful than you know.  Each time you spend your money, you’re casting a vote to support that company.  

When you opt not to buy from a store, that is a vote also.  When consumers band together collectively choosing not to support a business, another powerful statement is made. Alternatively, when customers join forces to support a business, the impact is felt.

A Twenty-Twenty example of consumer voting

Twenty-twenty revealed the power of this type of voting.   A chain in our local area implemented a mask mandate with no exceptions, a rule handed down by corporate. 

Customers were incensed at the loss of choice. The case numbers were low due to our small population size.  Applying such a policy to rural areas made no sense to them.  Still the chain refused to flex. 

As a result, shoppers rallied together. They chose to support another small store which offered flexibility.  This decision made an immediate impact.  For instance, revenue noticeably dropped for the chain.  Regional managers pivoted.  They moved away from the mandate allowing customers to choose.  It only took two short weeks for them to change their policy. The consumers spoke and loudly.

This isn’t the first time a national chain implemented blanket policies.  Such policies fail to understand regional/local needs.  It happens a lot impacting the quality of customer service.  Locals give in thinking we have to endure poor customer service in exchange for goods and services.  But you have a choice.  You don’t have to settle for less.  

Stores that lose sight of humanity

Have you ever stood in line at a store for an eternity?  The atmosphere in the store is tense.  Customers in front of you heave a sigh.  Some shift their weight from one foot to the other.  Still others aimlessly scroll through their phones.  To make matters worse, a child is screaming in the background. The whole world slows to a crawl.  No one knows what is taking so long.  

Finally, it is almost your turn.  You have nearly arrived.  You are ready to get out of the store and get on with your life.  Suddenly, without eye contact the checker places a “lane closed” sign at the end of the conveyor belt.  The long wait was all for nothing.  It is frustrating, right?

My own jaw dropping experience

This has happened to me more than I care to mention.  In fact,  I have experienced much worse. One time, after a long wait,  my checker scanned my food items and then slammed them in the bag. 

Shocked at his behavior, I was dumbfounded, unable to speak. (Not normal for me.)  I watched him continue the scan and slam routine for several minutes. 

Anger began to well up inside of me.  I wanted to scold him.  Everyone in line behind me acted like they didn’t notice this rude behavior.  As a mental health professional, I knew that sparring with huff never works out. So, instead of a reprimand, I responded. “Looks like you are having a rough day.”

This interrupted the scan-slam pattern.  He stopped and looked at me with genuine sadness in his  eyes. 

“Yes, I am having a terrible day.  My boss just chewed me out in front of customers.  I hate my job. But it at least pays the bills.”

Clearly the young man was angry.  I knew compassion was the only way to save my groceries. 

“That must be a bummer.  Well, I hope that you have a better evening.” I said.

Poor quality shopping experiences are widespread

The young man’s treatment of my groceries totally changed.  He handed me my receipt. Then he thanked me for caring.  

Sadly this is not the first time I have had poor customer service at this store.  It is a well known chain with stores all across America. To make matters worse, I know the history of this company and its founder. He was a caring and compassionate man. Despite his wealth, he was known to act like an everyday man.  He treated people with kindness.

The company started with one man’s dream and dedication to serve. However, it has drastically changed as they grew bigger.  The company’s vision includes this phrase “improving people’s lives, financial freedom, exceeding expectations.”  

Clearly, they failed to exceed my expectations. How did a company with such good intentions get to this place?  I know I am not the only one who has a love/hate relationship with this store.  As a result, many of my friends talk of shopping elsewhere. Some have pulled it off.  More and more of my friends intentionally seek out small businesses. They gladly pay higher prices because the company culture is terrible and growing worse. 

What is company culture?

Company culture refers to behavior, attitudes and beliefs of a company and its employees. For instance, the culture is embodied in a company’s mission and vision.  A positive company culture impacts customers by encouraging loyalty to the brand.  Company culture directly impacts customer experience.  It is important to find a company that lives out their mission statement.

In the story above, you can see clearly the company culture is in severe trouble.  It is in enough trouble that many people in my social circle are boycotting the store.  In fact, there is a large and growing effort to shop small or local. 

My scan/slam experience is an extreme example of what it is like to be on the receiving end of someone hating their job.  No one signs up for that kind of shopping experience.  Still, it is more common than not.  

Practical steps to make a powerful statement with your money

  • First, recognize you have a choice.
  • Second, don’t purchase from companies that violate your values or theirs for that matter.
  • Third, actively seek out alternatives.
  • Fourth, spread the word about these alternatives. Together customers can make a difference.

 The demand for goods and services from small businesses has grown significantly. You are not alone in your frustration. Companies have declined and grown ambivalent about changing their practices. Further, the number of conscientious consumers has grown. As a result, numerous online directories point these customers to small and local businesses. 

Gab News strives to create parallel economy movement

Gab News has gone so far as to develop a parallel economy called Gab Market Place. This economy is pro-America, pro-family, pro-freedom, and pro-capitalism.  If you align with those values, it is a great resource to access. 

Local farm directories

Are you looking to support farmers?  Make your dollars count by searching sites like:

The mission and values behind Bright Hope Soaps make a powerful statement

Bright Hope Soap works is a small family owned business with a big mission to share hope. 

We accomplish our mission in two ways. 

1) We dedicated endless hours to formulating the highest quality soap possible to nourish your skin. 

2) We return the word “ART” to artisan by crafting soaps with an inspirational message of triumph over trials.

Color, fragrance, and design meet in the soap vat to tell a timeless story of hope.  Each soap contains an insert describing the inspiration behind our company.  As a result, we nurture your heart with encouragement. As a family owned business, we are passionate about making our customers feel a part of our farm family.  Community is the lifeblood of rural living. We work intentionally to build a sense of community. Shop here and enjoy the benefits of becoming a part of our farm family.

Have you voted yet? If not, it is time get started. Use the links above to make a powerful statement. Chat with friends about how to support small businesses with missions that make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

If you have a small business you love to support, drop a comment below with a link. Be sure and tell us how you make a powerful statement in supporting them.

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