Use These Five Strategies to Access Savings During the Recession

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Have you noticed the headlines lately?  One after another speaks of inflation, recession, or turbulent economic times ahead.  But you don’t need to look at the headlines. 

You see it already at the fuel pump.  Worse, you see it with rising costs everywhere.  Every business is raising prices.  It’s depressing, right?

Inflation hits both our farm businesses

Did you know we operate two businesses on this farm?  My children own the dairy and market garden business called Morerod Heritage Farms, LLC.  I own and operate Bright Hope Soap Works, LLC. Both businesses have already felt the impact of these turbulent times.  We are pouring over the ledgers looking for ways to cut costs.

My children have already been taking steps to cinch the belt with the farm business.    Specifically, they began reducing our herd size to cut costs. It has not been an easy decision. But to resilient, we have to make changes.

Sammy hugs Elsa goodbye

Bright Hope Soaps has also experienced rising costs on every front. Our book keeping supports the headline’s assertion that these are turbulent times.

Is it time to panic or is it time to shine?

Indeed, we know tough times are before us.  However, our company was founded on principles of triumph over trials. Specifically, we serve you today because we know the benefits and joy of resilience.  As a result, we believe it is time to shine.

True, we are concerned about nourishing your skin. But the real reason we exist is to nurture your heart.  The message of hope is woven into the products we offer.  This message is real and relevant to our current cultural climate. Yes, there is literally an insert in every bar soap describing the purpose of our company and the symbolism of the product design. 

Our commitment to you

The 2022 recession gives new meaning to the phrase “hard earned dollar”.  Your decision to support our small business during these times means more now than ever. The dollar may lose value but you do not lose value.  My promise to you during these times is to increase the value of your purchase.  How?  I am glad you asked.  

First, we have to cut costs but we refuse to cut corners.  Quality remains the guiding force of our work.  We will not settle for less.   Our goal is to continue improving our craftsmanship even with products we have made for years.  We want better to be our best.

Second, we aim to give you the best personal customer service.  Specifically, we continue to write personal notes to all our customers.  And, we include free samples in every order.

 Lastly, each online order is packaged like a gift giving you a boutique in a box experience. 

Goat milk soap a luxury or necessity?

Some categorize goat milk soap as a luxury.  However, we know skin is the largest organ of your body.  Using mass produced bath products to cut costs increases costs to your health.  For example, medical costs are on the rise.  Simultaneously, the quality of medical care is depressingly low.  I have seen this first hand as I assist aging parents with health care.  Cutting corners with your health might save you in the short term. You will pay for it later with increased costs and frustrations.

Using high quality skin care is an investment in your health. It results in long term cost savings.

Many customers share how using goat milk soap provided relief for their skin conditions.  Further, they no longer need lotions to fight dry skin.

This soap is amazing!!

This soap is amazing!! I’m going to stock up and you should too! I used to struggle with dry, itchy skin and the original Ashes to Beauty has done wonders! 
Penny Johnson
Nevada, Missouri

But something has to give, you say.  I get it. 

There are five ways to get more bang for your buck (the dollar bill kind, not the boy goat kind ) We don’t want you feeling like goats are eating your hard earned money.

Use These Five Strategies to Access Savings During the Recession

  1. Take advantage of our flat rate shipping. We use a third party shipping service to reduce your shipping costs. That means,  you may pay 9.00 to ship two bars.  You also pay that same 9.00 to ship 35 bars.  You can see the savings of buying in bulk from a shipping standpoint.
  2. Check out our ”Specials and Discounts” section in the shop.  You can find overstocked varieties as well as our “Grab Bag Special”.  This bag contains oopsies and irregulars.  They may not look pretty but they are the same great quality soap but with a discount.
  3. Buy a year’s supply of soap all at once and save. Sound excessive?  Not really.  It takes me a month to use one bar of soap. That means, I could get by with 12 bars for the year.  Purchasing 12 bars at once means I pay for shipping one time instead of multiple times per year. The result is big savings. 
  4. Tap into our big annual sale.  Every year we have an exclusive sale.  You must be an email subscriber to access the sale and coupon codes.  The discount applies to any quantity of soap.  This sale enables you to buy affordable Christmas gifts for yourself and others.

Finally, number five is our Recession Special created just for you!

  1. Use our Recession Special. We now offer quantity discounts for all our customers.  The more you buy, the higher the discount. These discounts range from five to 45 percent. Your discount begins with the purchase of five bars of soap.  Traditionally, we only offered bulk discounts for wholesale and private label clients. Now you can access quantity discounts and save.

How to access the Recession Special

It’s easy to save.  Just go to our shop.  Click on the soap variety you want.  Scroll down to view the quantity discount.  It appears in a tidy column at the bottom of the page.  Add five to 100 bars to your cart.  Yes, some people actually buy 100 bars of goat milk goodness.  


To see the total savings you must click “VIEW CART”.  It is just that easy.  No coupon codes.  And, no hassle.

Like other businesses we anticipate raising prices due to the increase cost of our raw materials. Now is the time to stock up before we institute price changes.

Please be sure and check the appropriate shipping arrangements. Local customers may stop by the farm and pick up. Or they may also have their order delivered with their Veggie Vendor order. Selecting the wrong option may lead to a delayed or canceled order.

Together we will weather this storm pressing forward in hope.

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