No matter where you turn, you see the same theme played over and over again:

Heartache, tragedy, negativity, and stress.

Every headline contains discouragement.  Sometimes tragedy even strikes close to home impacting a loved one, or worse, you.  

You feel helpless. You want to make a difference but you don’t know where to start.

What should you say? Do you remain silent?  Should you keep your distance?  Exactly how can you make a difference?

I so get it. Heartache impacts us all. Tragic news leads to super awkward conversations.   Not knowing how to help leaves us speechless.

During my own personal experience with tragedy, my suffering was transformed by simple acts of kindness. But there was one gift that made a huge difference!

A friend gave me a basket filled with small gifts. Each item had scripture or an encouraging quote attached.  Most of the items were symbolic.  That basket spoke to my weary heart.  As a result, I made it my ambition to pay it forward some day should God grant me the opportunity.

Who is Christina?
And How Does Her Company Stand Out from the Crowd?

Christina Kay, founder of Bright Hope Soap Works

Hi, my name is Christina.  I founded Bright Hope Soap Works to fulfill my promise to pay it forward.
Our mission is to “nourish the skin and nurture the heart”.
Our motto is “a gift of luxury…the gift of Hope”.

We fulfill our mission on a little farm in America’s Heartland. Together our team, my zany large family and a herd of Nubian goats with personalities larger than life, work to provide you handcrafted excellence. Every day is an adventure! 

We return the word “ART” to artisan. Color, fragrance, and design meet in the soap vat to tell the timeless story of hope. We enhance the triumph over trials message through the use of a soap making metaphor. Symbolism helps us transform a practical yet luxurious bar of soap into an inspirational tool. Sharing hope just got easier.

And, that is how we stand out from the crowd!

Learn the complete story about how my business developed out of the ashes and rubble to facilitate an amazing transformation not just in my life but the lives of others too. Simply click on the button provided here.

A Heartfelt Thank You!

By supporting Bright Hope Soap Works, you affirm the beauty of passion and career coming together. You participate in the celebration of triumph over trials.   Also, your purchases enable me to join those who suffer in their journeys, design soaps to tell their stories, and donate those soaps to assist them in their heartache.  Thank you for affirming and participating in this vision. Learn more about our products by visiting our shop. You can also learn more about our farm by visiting our blog.