Want to know the benefits of Bright Hope Soaps? Here’s the breakdown.

Life with commercial products

benefits of Bright Hope Soaps

Complex Labels

Words too complex to pronounce. Skin irritating chemicals that saturate your daily routine.

benefits of bright hope soaps

Impersonal Manufacture

Large scale personal skin care products made by impersonal machines devoid of human touch

benefits of bright hope soaps

Chemical Detergents

Bath bars failing to meet the regulatory definition of soap. Packed with drying synthetic detergents.

Life with Bright Hope Soaps

Simple Ingredients

Vetting for ingredients for simplicity and skin nourishing qualities is the guiding force of our work.

Personal Service

We return the word “personal” to personal care products by handcrafting our wares.

Real Soap

We craft real soap using timeless traditional methods combined with modern techniques offering you the best of both worlds!

Passionate Artisans

Passion & career met on our small family farm. It is a sacred place where farmer & animal form a partnership, giving and sustaining each other.

Nourishing Products

This reciprocal relationship fosters creative craftsmanship which nurtures hearts and nourishes skin of those near and far.

benefits of bright hope

Wait! There’s More … You also get …

A Small Business with a Big Mission

Our Mission

To nourish skin and nurture Hearts

Our Motto

A gift of luxury … the gift of hope

A Purpose Driven Company

We are a small company with a big mission to share hope. We accomplish this mission by emphasizing the word “ART” in artisan. Color, fragrance, and design meet in the soap vat to tell powerful triumph over trials stories. These stories center around what we coined a “soap making metaphor”.

What is the Metaphor?

Tragedy strikes leaving life a charred debris field of ashes & rubble. You have nothing left to offer, your life is in ruins. But, soap makers of old converted ashes into lye. Later they made it into soap, a valuable necessity. If soap makers can do this, imagine what the God of this universe can do with our brokenness!

From Ashes to Beauty!

Soap requires the use of a caustic compound, lye. But when mixed with oils a metamorphosis occurs – a gentle soap forms. Trials are caustic like lye. However, God takes hardship & combines it with the oils of His mercy & grace. The result? A broken life is transformed into a beautiful testimony.