Nurture your customers with private label goat milk soaps. Imagine our premium quality soap wrapped in your own label.  Now you can wholesale soap as your own brand.

Private Label

Some benefits of private label soap:

● Private Label  Goat Milk Soaps are a useful souvenir for customers.
● They aid in fostering sentimental attachment to your store.  Keep in mind people associate memories with a smell.  Selling products with fragrances enhance those ties.
● Private Label Goat Milk Soaps purchased by customers for gifting further your reach in advertising.

Our Price Structure and Terms:


Thirty-five bars (35) qualifies you for a 40 percent discount.  Our current MSRP is 7.00.

One hundred five bars (105) allows you a 50 percent discount off of MSRP (7.00).

You may mix and match to reach your minimum. 

Wrapping Options

We shrink wrap all soaps.  They come with an ingredient label which includes a bar code.

Do you want to go more green?  We offer Kraft windowed boxes.  Boxed soaps MSRP is 7.50.

Average Order

Normally, a typical opening order for Private Label is approximately 200.00 for a minimum order (35 units). 

A typical opening order for 50 percent off is approximately 400.00. 


Shipping costs approximately 10% of the order cost.  We accept business checks or e-checks (3.00 convenience fee applies).  Orders are shipped immediately upon payment receipt. Orders may not be placed online at this time. Please contact us for instructions on how to place your order.

Label Design

We no longer offer in-house label design due to a high volume of orders. It is important to contact a graphic artist of your choice. You will be notified of label specifications during the ordering process.

We encourage all clients to use for custom printing. They are affordable, offering online printing or giving you the option to print in-house.

Secure your private label soap order and request a wholesale catalogue by filling out the form below. Alternatively, you can check out our online store for product varieties.