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  • shave brushes

    Shave Brushes (Natural Hair)


    Without Shave Brushes, wet shaving is impossible.  Enhance your shave experience with our natural hair shave brushes.  We offer two types of shaving brushes to choose from.  One is a wood handle and the other is a white plastic ergonomic handle. You must break in both brushes to get optimal results. Breaking in natural hair…

  • Soap TraySoap Tray

    Soap Tray (Soap Saver)


    A Soap Tray helps you make the most of your goat milk soap purchase.  It is widely known that natural soap does not have artificial preservatives.  That means without proper care, the soap will not last long.  Basically, you need to keep your soap elevated.  Leaving it in puddles of water results in mushy soap…