Bar of Many Colors -Gospel Gift



Saponified oils of: Coconut, Palm, Olive, Castor, Cocoa Butter, undiluted goat milk, activated charcoal, skin safe pigments and micas,  phthalate free fragrance. Lots of love. Weight = 4oz

Fragrance Description

Fresh, feminine and clean, this fragrance opens with bergamot to greet the senses. At the heart lies irresistibly soft, clean floral blossoms and lasting classic beauty. A Philosophy type.

Weight = 4oz

Soap type:  cold process goat milk soap, a linear/layered pour.


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Do you find it difficult to share the Gospel?  Still, you are passionate about sharing the gift of life. You feel like you need something new and fresh to try. But, you don’t know what.

Perhaps, you have tried  many approaches only to find yourself floundering and nervous.  Tracts offer little or no traction.


Or, maybe sharing the love of Christ comes naturally.   Yet, you are looking for a unique way to make an impact for the kingdom.

Bar of Many Colors: Legacy CollectionSharing The Gospel Made Easy

The Bar of Many  Colors provides an easy, practical, and luxurious way to share the Gospel. If you are looking for a gift that conveys love.  Look no further.  The Bar of Many Colors tells the greatest love story of all times, the Gospel.  Further, the insert included in the soap makes sharing your faith easy.  No words are necessary.  Simply, give the gift.  Also, the concepts are reinforced with each use of your gift.  It surpasses the use of tracts through the tool of a luxury gift.


We offer unique gifts of value that are practical yet luxurious. The Legacy Collection is a tool for you to share the Gospel with those you love.   Our motto is “a gift of luxury … THE gift of hope.”

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Bar of Many Colors: Legacy Collection

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Weight4 oz


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