Lavender Goat Milk Soap


Ingredients:  Saponified oils of Coconut, Palm, Olive,  Rice Bran, Castor, Cocoa Butter, Farm fresh goat milk, essential oils.

Fragrance Description:

This product smells like lavender essential oil.


 Are you stressed?

Stress hits from every angle, daily.  True, not many are immune to those daily frustrations.  But, don’t give up. Lavender Goat Milk Soap provides a solution. And, this solution takes you to your happy place.


Fight back by nurturing your body and mind.

Now, you can fight back.  Many associate Lavender essential oil with feelings of peace and relaxation. Escape to your relaxation zone with this wholesome handcrafted excellence.


Enjoy this best seller!

Lavender goat milk soap is a popular essential oil variety.  And, there is a good reason too.  The rich creamy lather nurtures your skin.  In addition, the wholesome ingredients offer a guilt free solution to your bathing routine.  We give you the maximum amount of skin benefits with carefully formulated soap.

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All of our soaps are made with over one ounce of goat milk per bar (specialty bars that contain a blend of goat milk with coffee, beer, or wine are the exception to this rule).  Many companies dilute milk soaps to reduce labor costs.  However, our priority is to craft the highest quality goat milk soap for you. Our full strength bars ensure you get the maximum level of nourishment for your skin possible. Our base oil formula consists of spa quality vegetable oils specially blended to achieve a hard long lasting bar while maintaining the benefits of full strength goat milk.



Additional information

Weight4 oz


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