Natural Skin Salve


An all purpose salve. Apply to cuts, scrapes, rashes, or bug bites.

Ingredients: Olive oil, calendula, plantain, comfrey, lavender essential oil, vitamin e.

Weight= 1.45 oz (41 gm)

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The Natural Skin Salve is my family’s favorite salve for the past seventeen years.  As a result, it is their go-to for everything. Even our grandchildren now enjoy the benefits of this salve.  They apply it on cuts, scrapes, diaper rashes or any kind of itchy.  Simply, they use this salve for everything.  The Natural Skin Salve should be used in place of the Sho-Me Skin Salve on open cuts.

I made this natural skin salve with my children as a home-school project 17 years ago. We were studying wildflowers and plants.  This hands on educational experiment transformed our skin care.  Finally, the children offered it to customers to learn a lesson in economics too. Honestly,  I never anticipated it finding a permanent place in our home.  But we found the salve to be effective as did our customers.

The children associate the lavender essential oil with comfort; mommy kisses, drying of tears, and band-aid placement.

Maybe I should rename it “Sentimental Salve”.  Many others have enjoyed this salve immensely.  As a result, we continue to make it available today.

Skin salves are a great alternative to the chemical laden over-the-counter products for wounds. Learn more about salves by clicking on this link.


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