Perfume Oils – Roll-On (1/3 oz)


Ingredients: Jojoba oil, fragrance.  The price is for one 10 ML (.33 ounce roll-on).  Please do not apply excessive pressure to the roller bottle else it might leak.




Perfume oils allow you to sport your favorite fragrance alcohol free. Alcohol based perfumes result in a lot of waste. One loses about 50% of a spray of traditional perfume into the air. Plus they dry your skin.

Our roll-on fits nicely into your purse for fragrance on the go.  This fragrance last longer than their spray on counterparts.  Our luxury oils allow you to enjoy long lasting scents while nourishing your skin.  Now you can wear perfume close to your skin without worrying you will offend others.  It becomes your personal fragrance instead of a public fragrance.

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Learn more about why you should try perfume oils  today.

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Black Raspberry, Lavender, Lingonberry, Love Spell, Sheer Elegance, Stress B Gone, Volcano


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